Water Damage Repair: The Top Five Reasons To Go With A Pro

When it comes to hiring a water damage repair company it often makes more financial sense to go with a pro rather than attempting to do it yourself or hire a less expensive handy-man. Unfortunately, what you don’t know about water damage repair can come back to haunt you months or even years later. Find out the top five reasons to go with a pro when selecting a water repair and restoration service provider.

1. Reimbursements. Depending upon your specific circumstances and the cause of the water damage, many people find hiring a company Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration is more affordable in the long run. Insurance may require work to conform to certain specifications to be eligible for refunds.

2. Tax Deductions. Taxes on the sale, remodeling or renovation of your home or property rarely allow your own labor to be deducted – on the other hand, the full cost of hiring a company to do the work for you is completely deductible for most sellers, investors and small business owners.

3. Preserves Value. Work performed by a licensed, bonded, insured water damage repair and restoration specialist help retain the value of your home or property when it is later sold. Buyers have the assurance the work was performed to the highest standards and are less likely to be worried or concerned about hidden defects.

4. Helps Keep Insurance Premiums Low. As the cost of homeowners, renters and other related insurance continues to rise, keeping premiums low is more important than ever. Remember, every home has a CLUE report that records all prior water damage and repairs; using a professional water repair and restoration service assures the insurance underwriter the problem is resolved.

5. Reduces Risk. Investors, landlords and others that own income producing property will be especially pleased by the reduced liability associated with the use of professional water damage repair services. Renters, future home buyers and others will be less likely to question the quality of work performed by a licensed, bonded and insured technicians. Any new water related damage won’t be easily blamed on old or pre-existing problems but rather new ones…even more importantly, mold or other potentially high cost liability issues will not be a question when using a San Antonio water repair, restoration, extraction provider with a one year guarantee like Kiwi Services. Get the assurance and satisfaction you need to protect your most valuable investment today and in the future.